Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whats the deal with Vitamins?

Vitamins are something you take as a little kid and they come in the shape of flinstones, or teddy bears. Vitamins are what the doctor writes you a prescription for when you find out your going to have a baby. Vitamins are now something I have felt the tug to introduce into my family's life as we are all getting older.

These vitamins provide 24 essential nutrients and they have something called the Oligofructose Complex which works with your food to pull out all the nutrients from what you eat.

With the online store that I have been shopping in, you can get them 30-40% off.

 Come back tomorrow to hear about another new product we use every day(almost) that I am saving money on , and it is SUPER green.
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What about you? Do you and your loved ones take Vitamins?


  1. I recently read "Food Rules" by Micheal Polan (also wrote Omnivore's Dilema and was featured in Food, Inc. and King Corn). His advice was to eat like the type of person who takes supplements, and then skip the supplements. In other words, if you eat properly - whole grains, lots of fruits and veg, you shouldn't really need vitamins. I found that interesting considering how many health-minded people are all about vitamins. And the times when I have taken vitamins, they did make me feel great - even though I wasn't eating all that great. Just thought I'd share...something to think about. I'd be interested in what others thought of that.