Friday, March 26, 2010


Always. Laundry. Do you feel like you are always doing laundry, or is it just me? It is usually pretty bad around here, but I like to think that normally I have somewhat of a handle on it. But this week I was sick. like can't move sick,  and at the beginning of the week the laundry was already pretty piled up. But now I have all my sick sheets and comfortors and everything I touched that needs to be washed. So pretty much if  I don't post for awhile, I probably drowned in it instead of conquering it. It really could go either way at this point.

All that leads me to my post for today. Which is about Laundry detergent.
The one on the right is my old laundry detergent and the one on the left is my new laundry detergent.
Here is why I switched. The new stuff offers all this:

I thought I would just let the package tell you instead of retyping it. By the way, this little bottle gets 64 loads to my other bottles 32. AND it smells better. Curious? You can request more info just by clicking HERE.

Of course it isn't perfect, it doesn't actually sort, load, fold and put away the laundry for me. Sigh...someday...

Anyways, I have a giveaway in the works along with an award to give out, soooo come back Monday to enter and WIN!

See ya then!


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